Useful bashrc functions

I’m going to share some of my bashrc functions which saves me a lot of time.


This function helps you find a process using a keyword and to kill it, you don’t have to use ps aux along with grep and then kill the process by entering the pid instead use this function give it a keyword and it will help you in killing a process.

killer() { 
echo "I'm going to kill these process";
ps -ef | grep $1 | grep -v grep
echo "Can I ? [y]es [n]o ";
read ans;
if [[ $ans =~ "y" ]] ;
    ps -ef | grep  $1  | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -s TERM 

usage : killer chromium
You will given a list of application which has similar name chromium and proceed with a yes or no. Update This is not so useful function anymore you may use in built pkill command to get the same result.

Search and cd combined

This function will help you to search and cd into a folder in a single step.

scd() {
    pathe=$(find ~ -name "${1}" -type d -print -quit | head -n 1)
    cd "${pathe}"

Now you may be wondering the reason for using the primitive style of saving result into a variable and then cd’ing into it. I tried using exec with find, but the exec expects a executable binary (something of the sort /bin/bash ) and cd is a shell bultin, which means you will have to leave the parent shell to cd into a folder ( the desired folder ).A one liner for the same will look something of this sort.

find ~ -name $1 -type d -exec bash -c "cd '{}'; exec bash" \;

Also note that you will taken into a new shell and changes that you make in the new shell will not be reflected back in the parent shell, and its a pain to exit each and every shell you create during the process.
You can have a look at my stackoverflow post regarding the doubts that I had with this implementation.
If you have any suggestion to improve the thing please let me know through a comment.

usuage : scd Music
Will take you to Music folder, regardless of your present working directory

Mkdir and cd into it in a single step

Usually we have to create a folder and then cd into it, atleast to me I had to do this very often.

mkcd() {
    mkdir "${1}"
    cd "${1}"

A dictionary

Due to my poor vocabulary I always had to look for the meaning of English words from So to make things easier, I wrote a csv script to fetch meanings from within my terminal.

dict() {

#Creating a temp folder 

#Check for the existence if not create one
[[ -d $dir ]] || mkdir $dir

#download respective file from dictionary dot com 
# -q => do it quietly ie nothing @ screen 
# -O save it as mean
wget -q -O $dir/mean wget$1

#Please DONT hardcode the value, give it to variable and then use it 

#greping out result
m=$(cat $file | grep description | grep -Po 'content=.*.*See more' | grep -Po '\,.*.\.')

#saving the error code 
k=$(echo $?)

echo "Meaning of the word "$1" is"$m

#checks if the word was actually available else throws an error
if [[ $k -gt 0 ]]; 
    echo ".........oops, cant find word "$1;

I love doing hacks around bash, you can find more of these here.

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