A dictionary in your terminal

Owning to my poor vocabulary I had to look up for meanings every now and then, the following script gets you the meaning for any word from dictionary.com using bash. A bash script dictionary dict() { #Creating a temp folder dir=~/.dict #Check for the existence if not create one [[ -d $dir ]] || mkdir $dir #download respective file from dictionary dot com # -q => do it quietly ie nothing @ screen # -O save it as mean wget -q -O $dir/mean wget http://dictionary. [Read More]

Installing Minix 3 using VirtualBox in Linux

This article will help you in setting up Minix 3 using VirtualBox on a Linux Host for development and enabling ssh connection between Minix and host Linux machine. But why, but why?? Minix is a micro kernel, unlike Linux which is monolithic Minix is a operating system which is Reliable. Being a micro kernel good sepration around the Kernel Space and User Space, Minix Kernel is only 6000 lines of code compared to millions of lines of code in Linux Kernel. [Read More]